Mae hong son tourist attraction.

The direction to tourist attraction.

The tourist attraction near Rimtarn resort.
  • Wat Pratat Doikongmu.
    Wat pratat Doi kong mu is the most famous temple that tourist want to visit. The temple locoted on top mountain in west side of the town. In the temple have two big pagodas. They built by Paya Singhanart racha and his wife. The temple also have view point area where the tourist can see over hole town in panorama view. Behind the temple, they have souvenir shops to sell Burmese wooden dolls, hill tribe clothes, gifts and many things for shopping.
  • Praya Singhanart racha monument.
    Praya Singhanart racha monument is locate on Khunlumprapas road. It's near night market. Before you get to Wat Pratat Doikongmu you will see it. The monument decorated with beautiful flowers garden.
  • Wat Kamkor, Wat Pranon and Wat Muay tor.
    Three temples were located next to the monument. Wat Kam kor is the opposite of the intersection. Wat Kam kor have beautiful roof which decorated with Thai-yai style building.
    Wat muay tor Wat muay tor is the famous for see the building, antince culture building. Wat pra non Wat pra non have a big Buddha image in side the temple. They also have beautiful Thai yai building style located at behind the temple
  • Wat Chongkam and Wat Chong Klang.
    Wat Chongkam and Wat Chong Klang. Both temples located by the Chongkam lake, close to the night market. Chong klang is the one of famous temple, It has beautiful pagoda inside. The tourist and photographer like to take a photo in the night shot in the evening.
    Wat Chong kam. There is the beautiful building temple and big Buddha image located inside the temple.
  • Night market street.
    The night market start around 6.00 pm. every day. The local product and hill tribe product are sell there. The night market street located by the lake along the street until Khunlumprapas road central town.
  • Wat Hua Wieng.
    Wat hua weing located next to the morning market. There is big Burmese Buddha image style called "Pra para lakhaeng", This Buddha image biult from Burmar and moved to Mae hong son by the boat.
Tourist attraction around town.
  • Pang-ung or Ban ruam Thai village, the most beautiful sense on the mountain from the town about 40 Kms. Ban Rak Thai, Chinese village 48 Kms.
  • Phasue fall around 18 Kms.
  • Tham pla(fish cave) around 16 Kms.
  • Phuclon, mud spa 12 Kms.
  • Phabong hotspring 12 Kms.(South route)
  • Huay Sue Toa, Long neck karen village 12 Kms.
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